Truck it Up

Wearing completely new bodywork and sitting on an entirely redesigned frame, the latest Mercury promises to be faster and more capable than its predecessor. Whatever is your experience with previous models of this supercar, you will stay fascinated what is provided by the completely new design of it. Shapes are

Superior Comfort on the Offroads

This car would let you feel that you’re flying above the ground Superior comfort of this rig will let you forget that you actually going offroad. Its smooth drivetrain is specially customized for the offroad, enabling most advance stunts and jumps like never before. We take it where it belongs, in

Unique Color Customizations

Arizone Derby would offer you unique customizations of the cars There would be unique mixes of the colors and special carbon materials which would give brand new looks to your upgraded rigs, with whom you will compete in Campaign but also in Online racing championships and events.

Reserved for the Legends

This is a place reserved only for the legends, where the best drivers ever have to do their best to show how amazing this car is   We have taken this rig up to the Canadian mountain facilities which are open just for Arizona Derby Legends and you can take

Hungry for Horse Power

Yes, this ain’t joke this car will produce plenty of horsepowers enabling you to do insane stunts This epic monstrous rig would let your all the offroad desires come true. It would give you such insane turbo boost and nitro that you never dream about. It’s sharp curves having its unique

Unique Name, Style and Power

This car will distinguish you from the rest of the mass. Its sound is more than appealing and its appearance is amazing   It would enable you to perform most stunning stunts on the offroads. Our team had driven one, on one nice sunny afternoon at Redwoods, California. It’s a

Lambargi Coming in the Gold Dubai Pack

We have been created a special Gold edition of the Lambargi and it’s even more amazing These shoots are made in deserts of the Dubai, on a hot summer day, so hot that steam accumulated from the turbochargers begins to boil. This exclusive offroad rig is ready for any known


Your car can be customized to the maximum values, all you need is to compete on more challenges and to collect XP and money from them. Everything begins in the Garage. There you can tweak and tune your vehicle, performing style you want to represent during racings.   You can

Arizone Festival

Arizone Festival is a celebration of joy, fun, and excitement with the offroads and luxurious cars. It’s festival of Music and Drive, bringing millions of people together to the one place, offering unlimited amounts of fun. This year it would be held on 9 locations worldwide, from the Streets of


Arizona Derby game revolutionizing off-road racing games, introduce fresh ideas while blurring the borders between offroaders and supercars, mixing it into the exciting new genre, full of adrenaline, dangerous and in the same way exotic and unique.


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