Arizona Derby is about to Begin

Join hundreds of thousands in a seamless experience, celebration and fun at a world most attractive locations with wide varieties of exclusive supercars rigged for the offroads.

This racing multiplayer adventure will lead you through the world most amazing sites while competing with other players, doing crazy stunts, enjoying wide Open World Competitions, or simply examining and enjoying the beauty of endless locations.

The game is all about racing competition and most exclusive supercars rigged for the offroads. Did you ever dream that you’ll drive latest, most luxurious cars all over most amazing open world locations, like Tropical Paradise track set out at Hawai, Redwood Rush, Coast to Coast Caribean Islands Race, Brooklyn Streets, Canada Trophy, Syberia Run, Forest Rampage over Swiss Alps, Africa Ride and many others and in same way you can earn over 80 world’s best supercars.

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Each of the locations having Gangs and it’s Bosses and you need to compete against them to win while upgrading and competing in all other races.

Drivers will have plenty of amazing challenges and game modes to compete while progressing through the campaign and unlocking new maps and new rigs, equipping it and upgrading to the max.

Locations are never seen before in any type of racing games, Arizona Derby is setting out new racing game standards, not only with amazing and intense gameplay but with quality and realism of the locations and cars.


The game will offer a wide range of customizations and one of the most important is wheels you unlock and choose to have maximally tuned your ride.


Arizona Derby featuring its own soundtrack, exclusively made by rap artist, TXMIC. Stay tuned to it.

Latest News

Forest Rampage – Latest Screenshots

Forest Rampage – Latest Screenshots

We have gone long way from the May when we decided that Arizona Derby would feature tracks in such quality and realism that world has never seen before in any racing games so far. We working hard and proudly presenting you Forest Rampage beta level down below. It would be an exciting and amazing level, offering wide varieties of the actions and destructions all-around best racing locations at Swiss Alpes. While competing for the top positions, you can drive, crash and destroy literally everything on the roads. Tons of funs are waiting for the Arizona ...

Tropical Paradise Has Never Been So Close

Tropical Paradise Has Never Been So Close

We proudly present you new polished maps, which are done and which are perfectly set out in amazing Hawaiian landscapes, offering players to rush and ride all around all day long while competing in singleplayer or multiplayer races. We have just one vision in the mind – to make levels which would stay out of the competition and offers to the players insane amount of pure offroad actions and fun. Yes, baby, this is tropical paradise! Tons of fun, tons of extreme supercars, just waiting to you and Arizone Festival ...

Redwood Racing Will Never Be So Much Fun

Redwood Racing Will Never Be So Much Fun

Arizona Derby feature another adrenaline racing level with super-exciting tracks which lead you from forest streams through the dense Sequoia trees and huge rocks. It’s made to ensure you hours and days of offroad fun and joy!

#ArizonaDerby Racing at world most intense locations, feel the REAL rush of the offroads!

#ArizonaDerby – when your ride can’t be dirtier.
Straight offroads!

RT @gaming_ffc: @ArizonaDerby Looks nice and realistic

In #ArizonaDerby it’s all about dirt and most exciting terrains you have never played before in any games so far.

You will find in the Arizona Derby all but not standard boring racing tracks!
Stay prepared and have tons of fun in…


Arizona Derby game revolutionizing off-road racing games, introduce fresh ideas while blurring the borders between offroaders and supercars, mixing it into the exciting new genre, full of adrenaline, dangerous and in the same way exotic and unique.


#ArizonaDerby Racing at world most intense locations, feel the REAL rush of the offroads!
#ArizonaDerby - when your ride can't be dirtier. Straight offroads!
RT @gaming_ffc: @ArizonaDerby Looks nice and realistic